Roel van der Linden (The Netherlands, 1982) is an artist, art collector and curator living in Prague.

Artis Marc Mulders:

‘A sketch, a recommendation, for artist Roel van der Linden by artist Marc Mulders.

Roel van der Linden is a playful painter. I only know a few artists from the past in whose work the game with art movements and style cliches is tossed and made into a new rhyme with art historical quotes, just out of love for the practice. Picasso and Picabia were at essential moments in their careers players like this and stole from all kind of art movements to evoke a painterly party.

These style quotes are being put on the painted portrait like make-up, somewhat false and misleading the viewer. Similar to Roel’s ‘jester faces’. It typifies ‘Roel the Jester’ that he fooled me a second time when I first saw his abstract paintings. These are serious paintings, just like so many other abstract artworks. Serious in the way you seriously want to relax by staring at a painting, just without humans and animals, like gazing at the sea. 

I imagine a room with on the wall his paintings, both his portraits as well as his abstract works. 

I am taking the portraits with me in my mind when I am leaving the room and when I meet my fellow man eye to eye; I recognize them!

I am taking the abstract paintings with me in my mind when I am leaving the room and enter the elevator, when I am on the escalator or on the highway; they are my tranquilizers. 

Roel’s painting is, in short, totally contemporary; as a true postmodernist he wields numeral techniques and styles, and, as a real painting-anarchist he launches through his paintings both meaningless and meaningful cries for and into our society. Long live the power of (Roel’s) painting’. 

Jiří Ptáček’s writing about Roel van der Linden in Art Antiques magazine:



2014 UMPRUM Prague (Studio of Jiří Černický and Marek Meduna)

2013 Mentee Roel Arkesteijn

2003-2007 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam (BA)

1994-2001 Stedelijk Gymnasium ’s-Hertogenbosch

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2022 – 1KM painting, Czech Record (CZ)

2021 – ‘FACE IT’, Galerie SPZ (CZ)

2019 – ‘Perly a Svyne’ , Photoport (SK)

2019 – ‘Faceless’ , Měsíc ve dne (CZ)

2019 – ‘Dutch Art Encounter’ NCCC, Lapidárium Prague (CZ)

2018 – ‘Show’, Luxfer Open Sapce (CZ)

2017 – ‘Heatwave in Sydney’, Luxfer Galerie (CZ)

2015 – ‘Roel v Praze’, Behal Fejer Institute (CZ)

2014 – ‘Blijdrecht-Praag’, KersGallery (NL)

2012 – ‘Etap Roel’, KersGallery (NL)

Selected Duo Exhibitions:

2020 – ‘The Diamond Way’, Šachta (CZ)

2019 – ‘High Five High’, KersGallery (NL)

2017 – ‘Roel & Martin New York Denim 85’, De Vishal (NL)

2016 – ‘Painter & Painter’, Galerie Kritiků (CZ)

2016 – ‘Blizké Setkaní / Close Encounter’, Galerie NTK (CZ)

Selected Trio Exhibitions:

2020 – ‘Galactic Love’, SVIT (CZ)

2018 – ‘Floating in my Czechoslovakian Heaven’, GAVU (CZ)

2017 – ‘Jeff Koons Recommends: After Shit Falls’, KersGallery (NL)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 – ‘Scheiße Cash’, Kunst Hala Liberec (CZ)

2022 – ‘Sympozium Dílna’, Zámek Mikulov (CZ)


2019 – ‘SOTT’, Museum Jan Cunen (NL)

2019 – ‘Loud Loneliness’, 4+4 days in motion Festival (CZ)

2019 – ‘VDIFF’, Dům Panů z Kunštátu (CZ)

2019 – ‘Les Copains D’abord’, Singular-Art (NL)

2018 – ‘Small world’, Ruimte Caesuur (NL)

2015 – ‘From a Painter’s perspective’, Arti et Amicitiae (NL)

2015 – ‘HateFree’, DOX gallery for contemporary art (CZ)

2013 – ‘Weltauge’, Torch Gallery (NL)

2013 – ‘Royal Award for Dutch Painting’, Paleis op de Dam (NL)

2010 – ‘Royal Award for Dutch Painting’, Paleis op de Dam (NL)

2009 – ‘A lot of possibilities’, Softbox Queens (U.S.A.)

2008 – ‘Art in Free Fall’, BWAC (U.S.A.)

2008 – ‘Hot!’, BWAC (U.S.A.)

2007 – ‘Grande Finale’, De Praktijk (NL)

Art Fairs:

2018 – KersGallery, Art The Hague (NL)

2018 – ‘Closer To The Bone’, Kersentuin, Art Amsterdam (NL)

2017 – KersGallery, Art The Hague (NL)

2017 – KersGallery, For Real Art Fair (NL)

2015 – ‘This’, Beurs van Berlage (NL)

2014 – ‘Art in Redlight’, Beurs van Berlage (NL)


2015 – Rumunská, Prague (CZ)

2014 – Kolbenova, Prague (CZ)

2010 – former swimming pool Blijdrecht, Mijdrecht (NL)

2009 – Tasmanstraat, Amsterdam (NL)

2008 – Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn NY (U.S.A.)


2008- BWAC, Brooklyn NY (U.S.A.)

2016 – Collection R. Muts, Coogee Beach, Sydney (AUS)

2018 – Luxfer Open Space, Česká Skalice (CZ)

2018 – BANSKA ST A NICA , Banská Štiavnica (SK)

2022 – Luxfer Open Space, Česká Skalice (CZ)

Lípa Art Collection:

2022 – ‘The Sound of The Sun Going Down’, Luxfer Open Space (CZ)

2022 – Ruimte Caesuur, Middelburg (NL)

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